About ZenaComp

Since 1989 we have helped our customers meet their unique business needs through designing and implementing large-scale databases and custom technical solutions. Today ZenaComp secures and streamlines customers’ operational systems, increases the productivity of their personnel and reduces transaction costs with their customers and trading partners using internet, web, and database technologies.

We believe you deserve the most efficient & secure business possible.

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We communicate honestly and effectively without ambiguity. You can trust you are getting the whole story in order to make sound business decisions.


We strive to act fairly in all situations and look for the “win-win” option.

Exhaust All Options

Our business is about solving problems and we realize that the “buck stops with us.” We will come up with solutions.

Do What You Say

We make commitments and keep them. We won’t commit to something just because “that is what I thought you wanted to hear.”

Strive for Perfection

We are looking for ways to “do it better” and being proactive instead of reactive. We value “working smart.”


We understand that technology may be used in many ways to solve an issue. We may recommend a single option but remain open to other options as well.

Hard Working

We define “hard work” as doing what needs to be done at the time given. We understand that hard work is about diligence and “getting it done.”

Work with a Sense of Urgency

We value action over talk and we are “get it done” people. We “do it” immediately as issues cannot wait to be resolved.