About the Client

Industry: Professional Services   I   Number of Employees: > 500   I   Remote Workforce Effected: Yes   I   Users: Private

Our client was providing their own security services to a major public event they host every year. They decided to expand these services to the public and other businesses. This allowed them to extend their security offerings to public/personal events, personal protection, chauffeurs, etc… They employ over 800 security specialist that range from basic security to armed security. Allowing their clients to feel safe and enjoy the events.

Client's Business Issue

Our client was using a series of Excel spreadsheets to manage events. This made it difficult to manage events and schedule staff to provide security to their clients. As the new business started to grow and provide more security to multiple clients, they realized a solution needed to be created.

Our Solution

Our team helped by building all the business functionality into a web site. The client is able to create detailed quotes, provide quote documentation to their clients, schedule staff on an interactive calendar, track hours worked for staff, and export payroll. Additional functionality includes managing of staff, searching jobs, searching staff time cards and overall site management.

The client is able to create detailed quotes in our system that allows them to specifically define security locations, times, number of staff, security service and an hourly rate. Once the quote is completed, they can create an itemized spreadsheet for the security being provided and other documentation that can be emailed directory to their client.

Once a quote is accepted, the quote in or system is translated into a job. Within a job, they use an interactive calendar that shows all the itemized security positions for their respective locations, dates and times. Then they can assign staff to the calendar positions in order to make sure all the security is covered for this job. Finally, a schedule for this job can be printed out for supervisors to manage the security staff.

Payroll was an important part of the system to our client. For any client, the accuracy of staff shifts directly affects profits. We created a check in/out functionality that will allow quick, clean and precise time records to be collected. Once the pay period is completed, a payroll export is created for employee and contract staff members that are used by the accounting department to pay staff.


Our client is now able to manage their business in one application. This solution has streamlined their business to be more accurate, manageable and profitable. Having the confidence in the system we created, they can now concentrate on growing their business.