About the Client

Industry: Manufacturing   I   Number of Employees: 25

Our client had an existing application that was 20 years old, using it produce custom designed parts from raw materials. The system was successfully running the business, but the functionality was limited. They wanted to have more detailed tracking, history, reporting, and eliminate the spreadsheets that were created to support the old system.

Client's Business Issue

Our client needed to bring their application up-to-date with new technology. They didn’t want to recreate the entire functionality. They liked the way some things worked in the current system and we were able to generally keep things the same – while adding new functionality that made it even easier by making the system work for them. Maintaining production history was a major part of the upgrade, which their previous system did not do well. Now, they can review previous part information from all the orders that were placed. The old system only stored current part data from the last order, so information was always overwritten. We also implemented a production run module that will track the parts made, time in production, raw materials used and give them traceability. This traceability will extend to their customers; if they find a part to be bad then they can go from the production data to the raw materials. And all the way back to the vendor the raw materials were purchased from for this part.

Our Solution

Our team helped by understanding their current system and what they liked and disliked. We then offered out technological opinion on how to update the functionality to work more efficiently. The application was developed as a web site, giving our client the flexibility of accessing their data from virtually anywhere.


Our client is excited about the new application. They can now track everything in one place and stop using additional spreadsheets to manage day to day business. With the added functionality, they can now get information from the system that could never get from the previous application. The new application is allowing them to concentrate on streamlining and growing the business to become even more successful.