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Our client testimonials stream in on a daily basis...

... in e-mails and verbal communication to our developers, network technicians, customer service managers, and to our sales team due to our role as a technology partner. Partnering with ZenaComp is just as much about relieving the small stresses throughout a normal day, as it is about addressing the more critical issues that your business depends on.

You can count on ZenaComp to keep your business up and running at optimum level. Our clients regularly express the peace of mind and gratitude that accompanies having a technology team that they can trust entirely.

"Thank you for being better than the rest."

"Of all the decisions I have made in the past 15 or so months, hiring ZenaComp was the right one.

I want to thank you all for walking through this most ridiculous project with me.  We all know that there was nothing close to normal business practice in certain areas. I could not have gone through this process without ZenaComp and all three of you in your various roles.

Peggy, in each conference call you joined, you gave a voice of experience that I do not have in understanding the higher technical aspects.  Also, personally I felt your encouragement and it was so helpful in getting through the really bad days.

Kevin, you were always available, for the conference calls and my calls looking for direction or help. You helped me to laugh sometimes too - definitely needed.

Zhan, each time you were onsite in the midst of chaos, you kept a cool head, and kept me from jumping off the ledge.  Your technical experience is the only reason we are up and running. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have had you on this project.  I appreciate you both professionally and personally.

I know that ZenaComp is a business, and that as a business you are there to succeed and be profitable.  But you go above the normal business practices and because of that, the project is finally done and successful.

Thank you all for being better than the rest."

- Annie, Local Steel Company

"I can't tell you how pleased I am...

…For 23 years, month after month, I have manually kept track of every Director, prior Director, Potential Director, first time Directors and wanna be Directors. In a nut shell, a lot of manual work. As of 4:00 yesterday, Terry taken the company to a new level and gave me so much more. What a real pro you have there.  Give that man a raise. You guys are great! "

- Barb J, Pure Herbs
"ZenaComp worked closely with us to identify exactly what our needs were...

... both for today and in the future. They've given us the means to advance our business in a proactive technology environment, and at the same time, created a technology strategy that allows for business growth."

- Trucking Company
"ZenaComp understands how to help clients simplify their business processes...

… We selected ZenaComp because they offered us the tools we needed to control our web content and create greater efficiencies for our business."

- Local Bank
"I have to thank you, your team, and ZenaComp itself...

... on ALL the hard work you guys are doing for us. We GREATLY appreciate it and couldn't thank you guys enough!"

- Samantha, Mechanical Contracting Company