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Birmingham Michigan: Custom Software Development

Do you have outdated MS Access database applications, FoxPro database applications or a unique or complex business process that needs database development? 

ZenaComp is your best choice for custom software development in Birmingham, Michigan.

How many paper forms, faxes, emails and telephone calls does it take to run your business?  How hard is it for people to do business with you?  Are you running your business with Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets?

Tell-tale signs of a business process that is in need of being "web-enabled" include:

  • Excessive fax, telephone or email based communication
  • Clients making status inquiries 
  • Paper-based processes
  • Manual re-keying of information 
  • Employee or Client demographic information that is hard to find and maintain

Ultimately, custom database, software and web applications make your processes faster and more convenient, which save you money while adding more value to your clients.