About the Client

Industry: Professional Services & Manufacturing   I   Number of Employees: 25

Our client is a manufacturer who specializes in engineering services and the manufacturing of plastic goods.

Client's Business Issue

Our client was in need of a full network and server upgrade, as the workstations, phone system and servers had long passed their recommended End of Life. With no IT staff or support, the network was slow and users were inundated with ongoing issues.

  • The server was running an end of life operating system that was no longer supported by Microsoft.
  • The server was sitting on the floor in an office, at risk for environmental issues and user interference.
  • The phone system was outdated and in need of replacement and expansion for growth.
  • Workstations were faulty and there was no security in place to restrict team member access from the network or the internet.
  • The existing backup solution failed frequently, leaving the client at risk of data loss.
  • No firewall was in place to secure the environment.

Our Solution

We installed & implemented:

  • A new server, implementing SBS and Terminal server, migrating the data and databases from the old server and configuring for user access.
  • A 4 post lockable half rack to reduce the risk of environmental and user interference.
  • A new Cisco Firewall and patch panel, terminating all new cable lines for the new phone system.
  • A thin client solution to replace old workstations and lock down user access to the network and internet.
  • A new and proven backup solution to prevent data loss.
  • A new Cisco firewall to secure the environment and separate voice and data traffic for the new phone system.


User productivity was improved significantly with the upgraded hardware and network speeds. The client was able to implement new data solutions and packages on the SBS server that they were not previously able to utilize due to compatibility issues. Login scripts and folder permissions were created to allow the client the ability to restrict network/data access for users based on roles and responsibilities. The new rack provides a more presentable and secure location for the server, firewall and other network equipment. The new firewall, cabling and patch panel allowed for company growth and faster speeds for data and voice. The users were no longer able to browse/surf the internet on plant floor pc’s, therefore improving productivity and network security. Critical data and database information is being backed up to protect the client from a catastrophic data loss.