About the Client

Industry: Consumer Goods   I   Company Structure: Multi-Level Marketing

Our client sell herbal extracts through a multi-level marketing strategy with approximately 3000 distributors. Prior to partnering with ZenaComp, they used an antiquated Microsoft Access database to take and process orders as well as maintain the multi-level marketing hierarchy. Much of their business rules were known only by a few key employees and not contained within the software system. This left the owners at risk in the event the key employees left the organization. In addition, orders were taken by telephone and fax as our client did not have an ecommerce storefront.

Client's Business Issue

Our client needed to incorporate all business rules into their software system to mitigate the risk of key employees leaving the organization. Directors would pay distributors in their down-line which at times was problematic if there were disputes or discrepancies. Our client wanted to pay all distributors directly for their sales to alleviate this scenario. Since our client was missing out on online sales and needed to surpass the competition in regards to marketing, they needed an ecommerce storefront that was tightly integrated with their order processing and fulfillment system.

Our Solution

Our team helped by understanding their current system as well as documenting the complex payment calculations of the multi-level marketing strategy. ZenaComp designed and created a web-based order processing and fulfillment system (that included all of their business rules) as well as a professional e-commerce storefront that shared product information, specials, customers and orders.


Our client has eliminated their reliance on a few key employees to manage their multi-level marketing network. They are expanding their client reach by selling online without adding additional staff. Distributor satisfaction has increased as they can place orders at any time and receive their purchase volume discounts and commission directly from our client.