About the Client

Industry: Professional Services   I   Number of Employees: 10

Our client is a marketing firm with 10 employees that provides live statistical and data gathering, with high profile clients regularly visiting their office and utilizing their wireless infrastructure.

Client's Business Issue

Our client was using an “on call” IT service provider and they were in need of a complete makeover. The server area included existing equipment sitting on make shift shelves, cabling was not labeled and extremely unorganized, making it very difficult to troubleshoot or correct issues in a timely manner. The wireless was not secure, and was wide open for all clients and neighboring offices and was frequently so slow that clients chose not to use it. The server and workstations were slow and outdated, with no user securities in place, so that all users could effectively view all network data.

Our Solution

We installed a new 4 post server rack and all were labeled and placed neatly within a cable management system. New wireless devices were installed, complete with a secure guest network for clients while limiting access to secure company data, and speeding up the connection for all onsite visitors. A new server was implemented, including a virtual Terminal server, to improve user connections and improve productivity, and thin clients were implemented to replace old workstation technology.


There was an exceptional improvement in the appearance of the server area. The client was thrilled to be able to offer full tours of their office space to visiting clients. Troubleshooting of any connection issues were so easy and clear that even the client could determine what cable belonged to each office device. A new wireless infrastructure was implemented to provide network security and high speed wireless access for clients. Terminal server and thin clients were implemented to replace existing outdate equipment and improve user productivity. Access to the company database was significantly faster, printing functions were streamlined and user permissions were limited based on job function and roles.